Aug 31, 2005

Chicago White Sox host Mullet Night

Inspired perhaps by the Manchester Monarchs, The Chicago White Sox are hosting a mullet night. From the ChiSox web site:

Shake your mullet to the beat of the band Identity Crisis.

Let your mullet loose as you jam with the band Backstage Pass.

Don't have a mullet? Have a stylist at one of four Great Clips haircut stations located throughout the ballpark trim one up for you. Donations will be accepted to benefit the Ronald McDonald House and Chicago White Sox Charities.

Then, march your mullet over to Gate 1, where mulleted men and women will parade their classic cuts around the warning track. Wigged mullets will be accepted. The first 500 mullet marchers will get a free White Sox Mullet Night T-shirt.

(Source: adfreak)


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