Jul 28, 2011

Renovations to St. Pete Times Forum include a new pipe organ and Tesla coils for lightning

Some notes from a TampaBay.com article about renovations to St. Pete Times Forum this summer:

  • Fifty-four flatbeds worth of concrete were removed from two upper-deck end zone seating sections. Five-hundred seventy-four seats gave way to a pipe organ, which will have a bar on either side, a fixture Leiweke hopes becomes a staple of the arena, similar to the pirate ship in the Raymond James Stadium end zone.
  • Another signature addition will be Tesla coils on either side of the scoreboard that will shoot lightning 25 feet.
  • A new lighting system will add more brightness to the arena, which will enhance the experience for hockey fans at the game and watching on TV. Leiweke said the Forum was one of the darkest surfaces in the NHL. The improved lighting will now allow super slow-motion technology to be utilized.

Jul 27, 2011

VIDEO: Phineas and Ferb perform the L.A. Dodgers stadium conduct rules

Absolutely brilliant video. Saw this at the IDEA conference earlier this month in Kansas City.

Jul 20, 2011

Detroit Red Wings Budd Lynch Bobblehead

Budd Lynch.  PA Announcer for the Detroit Red Wings since 1985. A member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. This bobblehead was a hand-out to fans at Joe Louis Arena back in 2009. See also: Rene Rancourt Bobblehead.

Jul 18, 2011

A ton of cool NHL jobs up for grabs in Ottawa, Vancouver, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh and more

From TeamWorkOnline:

Director of Radio Broadcasting/Play-by-Play Broadcaster - Washington Capitals (Washington, DC) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36837 

New Media Coordinator - Pittsburgh Penguins (Pittsburgh, PA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36852 

Promotions Team Member - Vancouver Canucks (Vancouver, BC) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36874 

Vice President, Communications - Senators Sports & Entertainment (Ottawa, On) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36888 

Motion Graphics Designer - Pittsburgh Penguins (Pittsburgh, PA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36889 

Emcee - Phoenix Coyotes (Glendale, AZ) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36892 

Canucks TV and In-Game Host - Vancouver Canucks (Vancouver, BC) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36897 

Marketing Manager - Phoenix Coyotes (Glendale, AZ) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36899 

Pepsi MAX Tank Patrol Team Member - San Jose Sharks (San Jose, CA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36923 

In Arena Game Producer - Dallas Stars (Frisco, TX) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36935 

Video Editor - Dallas Stars (Frisco, TX) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36937 

Communications Intern-Public Relations - Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club (Anaheim, CA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36957 

Coordinator, Marketing & Promotions - Los Angeles Kings (Los Angeles, CA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36970 

Digital Video Editor & Compositor - Night Shift - Los Angeles Kings (El Segundo, CA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36971 

Part-Time Game Night Staff - Boston Bruins (Boston, MA) http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/r.cfm?i=36978

Jul 15, 2011

Today in stadium food: Chinese food truck

Made even better by the "Wok in the Park" pun. You can check out this truck the next time you go to a Colorado Rockies game. (Photo from Darren Rovell.)

Jul 12, 2011

Good to meet you all here in Kansas City

I'm in Kansas City this week at the annual IDEA Conference.  Just a quick note to say THANKS to some of the readers of this blog who've introduced themselves this week.  I can see from the blog stats that people read this -- but I'm never quite sure who you are.  So it's nice to put a face to some of you.

Heading off in a few minutes to a barbecue at Arrowhead Stadium.  I'll post more about the conference soon.

Jul 2, 2011

This year's hot carnival fair prize: Plush Michael Jackson

Somebody go win one of these for me, ok?
Last year they had a plush Obama up for grabs.  Maybe next year a Will-and-Kate pair?

Seen at the Kanata Canada Day Festival on July 1.