Jan 17, 2005

News from the Zambonis

Dave from the Zambonis sent out a newsletter today -- a couple of highlights:

"...Or, it could mean the band has been so busy playing in Eastern Europe, recording a new CD,booking gigs and making a video for a new anti-lockout song called "Just Play" (which will be up on our website in a few weeks) that we JUST HAVE NOT HAD TIME TO WRITE."


"iTUNES into The Zambonis!! We always knew Steve Jobs was a hockey fan.
Finally, you and your cousin from Billings can find legally
downloadable Zambonis songs on the Web. Yes, the first pair of
full-length Zambonis CDs ("100% Hockey (and other stuff)" plus "More
Songs About Hockey (and buildings and food)") are now available on
iTUNES.COM!! Whether you choose the epic seven-minute Cold War on ice,
"Hockey on The Moon" or the two-minute toe-tapper "Hockey Monkey",
they're all just 99 cents. News flash: In just days, we're already the
most downloaded all-sports rock band on iTunes!"

More Zambonis news at: http://www.thezambonis.com/news.html

Jan 16, 2005

Five tips for training a dog

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