Aug 31, 2012

VIDEO: The "balloon artist" who orchestrated the massive balloon drop at the Republican National Convention

"Treb Heining has been doing the balloon drop at the past 7 Republican National Conventions, plus the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. He's also coordinated the confetti drop for New Year's Eve in Times Square for the past 21 years."

Aug 30, 2012

Pacers and Lightning "go long" with new video scoreboards

The Indiana Pacers and the Tampa Bay Lightning are both adding massive new video scoreboards for this fall, and both have a similar format.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we've seen centrehung boards this wide in an inside venue before -- other than the big screen at Cowboys Stadium.  Will be interesting to see how the teams use the space for content, stats, ads, etc.  

These huge screens will be an attraction unto themselves and a big upgrade for the fan experience in both arenas.  That said, I think fifty feet wide may actually be too big for arenas this size. I've seen Montreal's massive screen (30'x17') in action and it's great -- but from some locations it can be overwhelming and distract from what's happening on the ice. 

The Pacers main display will be 50 x 21 feet on the long side with smaller 24x15 screens on the ends.  Built by ANC, with 6mm resolution on each side.  (Here's a press release.

Here's a mock-up of the Tampa Bay Lightning video scoreboard, which will be 50x28 feet on the long side and 16x28 on the ends. Also 6mm, built by Daktronics. (Here's a press release.)

Oh, and the Blue Jackets are getting a new video scoreboard too. It will be called the "Dispatch Media Center" and measures 25x15 feet.

Aug 22, 2012

VIDEO: 1976 beer box stacking contest

Saw this recently on the blog.
From the Chicago White Sox, August 22, 1976.

Aug 1, 2012

What a great idea: Baseball team offers free sunscreen to fans

Storm Chasers Equip Werner Park with Free Sunscreen for FansSPF 30 sunscreen available, for free, inside of Werner Park 
OMAHA, Neb. - The Omaha Storm Chasers are proud to partner with Alegent Health to provide fans with numerous sunscreen stations inside of Werner Park. The stations are stocked with SPF 30 sunscreen that is available for free to fans and was made possible with a generous grant of $10,000 by the Nebraska Cancer Coalition.
"We look at our fans as members of the Omaha Storm Chasers family," said the Omaha Storm Chasers President and General Manager Martie Cordaro. "We want to provide our fans and families with the safest, most enjoyable experience possible and teaming up with Alegent to promote sunscreen awareness fits our goals."
Currently, the Storm Chasers have sunscreen stations located down the left field line next to Valentino's, one behind home plate next to the Alegent Health First Aid Station, one down the first base line next to Omaha Steaks and another one in right field. There are plans to add additional sunscreen stations to Werner Park in the future.
According to dermatologists with the Alegent Health Clinic, it only takes 15 minutes for the sun to damage unprotected skin. Fans are advised to apply sunscreen before leaving their homes and reapply every two hours that they are outdoors or more often if they are sweating a great deal.
"Skin cancer is the one of the most preventable forms of cancer in the United States," said Cindy Alloway, chief operations officer of Alegent Health Midlands Hospital in Papillion. "We wanted to help keep people safe and one of the ways we could do that was by making sunscreen available to them at the ballpark."
Alegent Health surveyed fans at the beginning of the season on sun-safe behaviors and they will talk to them again at the end of the season to learn how many changed their habits and adopted more sun-safe behaviors at the ballpark like; wearing long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, hats, staying in the shade and reapplying sunscreen.
To attend any game or event at Werner Park please call the Werner Park Ticket Office at (402) 738-5100 or visit