Jun 28, 2005

The Bobble Ankle

Courtesy of Adfreak:

The Brockton Rox "is making hay with a Curt Schilling figurine dubbed the Bobble Ankle, which has a flimsy ankle instead of a bobbing head. The team wanted to do something to recognize Schilling’s World Series heroics."


(Also available on the Rox web site: a bobble arm figure.)

Jun 27, 2005

A fan's sour notes

The St. Petersberg Times has a rant from Peter Golenbock about the stifling of entertainment at Tampa Bay Devil Rays games:

My biggest peeve is that the Devil Rays management has a policy that no one who goes to the games is allowed to have any fun.
The next impromptu nightly celebration came from an unlikely source: groundskeeper McArthur Church, who would walk onto the field in the middle innings with a broom to sweep the infield, then would break out into a dance routine that would thrill the fans. For several years, Church's nightly performance was the highlight of the game. But then Church was accused of stealing used baseballs, and he was fired. Management didn't care that he brought all this joy to the fans.

With Church gone, yet a third entertainment highlight appeared one evening, when a group of ushers spontaneously walked onto the roof of the home dugout and spelled out the letters YMCA with their arms while the song blared on the loudspeaker. This was unadulterated fun, and it inspired the crowd to sing and dance along.

Then one day YMCA was no more. Someone in the killjoy Devil Rays organization decided that it had to go. Ushers relayed to me several reasons, all of them stupid: The song went on too long. The Devil Rays don't want any entertainment unless a product is being hawked. It was distracting to the players.
The Kiss Cam is now the highlight of the game, perfect family entertainment, though when the two gay guys who were pictured on the Jumbotron to get a laugh actually kissed each other on the lips, I thought the Kiss Cam would be history as well. I understand the spot is taped now to keep spontaneity from ever breaking out again.

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Mascot awarded $35,150 in lawsuit

From the Chilliwack Times:

Kris Reddeman, who plays the Chillwack Chief's mascot Chief Wannawin, has been awarded $35,150 for an incident in 2002 in a British Columbia Hockey League playoff game agains the Vernon Vipers:
The Chiefs popped two quick goals to tie the game, prompting Vernon to call a time out-during which Reddemann loudly banged his drum from his seat behind the Vipers' bench. Vernon's volunteer trainer Trevor McEachnie lost his temper and punched the mascot seven or eight times. Reddemann suffered a concussion and broken tooth.

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Jun 23, 2005

Virtual baseball

From the Kansas City Star:

The first two innings of the July 16th game between the Kansas City T-Bones and the Schaumburg Flyers will be played virtually.

Equipped with Microsoft Xbox game controllers instead of baseball gloves and bats, two video gamers will climb into recliner chairs around home plate at CommunityAmerica Ballpark and slug it out on the park’s 16- by 24-foot video screen.

Their scores from playing two innings of MVP Baseball 2005 on an Xbox will stand when the T-Bones and Flyers take the field to finish the last seven innings of the game.

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Jun 20, 2005

Buffalo's falling scoreboard

From Jes G?lbez's Hockey Rants, a photo of the 1996 "scoreboard fall" at Buffalo's Marine Midland Arena.

Recall: A few hours before gametime, the video scoreboard fell onto the ice while it was being moved. Nobody was hurt, but Boston Bruins defenceman Jozef Stumpel quipped: "From now on, we stay wide."

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Coyote Mascot Memories

From the San Antonia Spurs web site:

Tim Derk spent 21 years as the Spurs' mascot - The Coyote - before retiring last year. In August, Derk was named Manager of Mascot Development for Spurs Sports & Entertainment and continues to speak about his unique story and experiences. Recently, Spurs.com asked Tim how things change from the regular season to the Finals...

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Jun 12, 2005

Ballpark organists: They're out

From the L.A. Times, an article about the demise of live organists in Major League Baseball. Highlights/lowlights:

  • Earlier this year, the L.A. Angels of Anaheim became the latest team to sack its keyboard player... Peggy Duquesnel, an accomplished jazz musician who had tickled the ivories for the Angels since 1998, was dismissed before the season started.
  • Nancy Faust has been playing keyboard for the Chicago White Sox since 1970 and doesn't expect to be replaced when she retires.
  • Organ music didn't debut until 1941 at Chicago's Wrigley Field.
  • During the 1970s, the Sporting News published letters complaining that organs "detract from the game" and should be "removed and put back in church where they belong," according to John Odell, co-curator of the Hall of Fame's forthcoming "Sacred Ground" exhibit on ballpark history.
  • During the streaker craze of the 1970s, for example, a naked man sprinted across the field in Philadelphia, prompting the keyboardist to play Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is?"
  • A notable holdout in the audio-video revolution is Wrigley Field. "It's like walking into a baseball time capsule," says Chicago Cub spokesman John McDonough. "I'm not sure that playing Velvet Revolver between innings is consistent with what we're trying to market."
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Jun 9, 2005

Ottawa 67's are hiring an Audio/Visual Producer


Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club
Audio/Visual Producer

The Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club is one of Canada’s top junior hockey organizations, with a winning tradition both on and off the ice. We are currently seeking candidates for an opening in our marketing department, in the role of our Audio/Visual Producer.

Job Description
· Responsible for all aspects of game day presentation inside the Ottawa Civic Centre.
· Coordinate and manage Ottawa 67’s production needs including: video, audio and other tech support.
· Manage game day staff, volunteers, and talent including hiring and scheduling, as well as team building.
· Oversee and maintain video and audio libraries and game broadcast archives.
· Participate in the logistics of non-game related events, and other special projects as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications
· Experience with Adobe Premiere or similar non-linear video editing system.
· Fluent in Photoshop 6.0
· Strong writing & communication skills. French language skills an asset.
· Experience directing or producing live events.
· Ability to handle multiple priorities and projects
· Strong interpersonal and creative skills
· Ability to work well under pressure.
· Strong knowledge of hockey.

Deadline: June 22, 2005
Please email your resume, in confidence, to: