Mar 30, 2013

RIP Carolina Hurricanes "Dancin' Granny"

Continuing on our senior citizen theme this week...

Dancin’ Granny, a fan favorite at Canes games, dies 
Joyce Johnston had a shy streak that seemed to magically disappear whenever the JumboTron camera found her in the stands of Carolina Hurricanes games.
The white-haired, small-town woman, born 85 years ago in Turtle Creek, W. Va., would rise from her seat when the song “Low” by rapper Flo Rida boomed through the hockey arena and delighted her adoring fans with a few slick dance moves. 
Her high energy and exuberance moved the crowd, and, according to her family, the woman who became widely known as the Hurricanes Dancin’ Granny was just as moved by her many fans. 
On Wednesday, Johnston died from complications of a fall. Alzheimer’s disease and aches and pains had kept her away from hockey games in recent years. 
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Mar 29, 2013

And the crowd goes wild for a 95-year-old Sens fan

There have been plenty of fun fan moments this year at Scotiabank Place. One of my favourites happened earlier this month when we welcome 95-year-old Isobel Gallipeau to the game. It was easily the loudest ovation of the night. The Ottawa Citizen has a story here with some background on Gallipeau and her experience at the Sens game.