Oct 11, 2004

Bluebombers penalized for videoscoreboard "noise"

From TSN.ca (all the way at the bottom of the article):

"One of the penalties Winnipeg was nailed for was a 10-yarder for illegal use of electronic equipment after the Jumbotron was used to start crowd noise while Hamilton had the ball."

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Oct 8, 2004

Sharks mascot continues work non-stop

From the San Jose Sharks web site:

"S.J. Sharkie may not be rappelling down the rafters, riding his four-wheeler or throwing tee-shirts to rabid fans at HP Pavilion, but he's still doing what he loves most.

Nothing can stop the San Jose Sharks beloved mascot from entertaining fans.

While the NHL season is currently on ice, Sharkie continues to make his dynamic presence felt at a plethora of community events and private gatherings."


NFL in-house video replay strategy

From the Dallas Star-Telegram:

"The next time officials blow a call at Texas Stadium that benefits the Cowboys, fans at the game might never see a replay of it. During the Cowboys' road victory against Washington on Sept. 27, the JumboTron at FedEx Field never replayed a close play that benefited the Redskins.

The NFL says that is the home team's prerogative, and the Cowboys plan to use it to their advantage at Texas Stadium."


Oct 6, 2004

The life of the Jumbotron cameraman

Long time, no post ... but here's a good one from the Miami Herald:

"It's game day at Pro Player Stadium. You're focused on bases and yardage, pitches and punts. Then he shows up: the man with the camera.

He wants you to get crazy, to scream and wave. You're like most people, and so you do, dancing and clapping like a camera-crazed fool.

If you're lucky, your image will be beamed to the stadium's two Jumbotron screens. And for a moment, 20 seconds at the most, you are larger than life."