Jan 29, 2004

Hey Ya! vs. Peanuts

Outkast's Hey Ya! given a video remix -- featuring Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. Nicely done.
Original links are down; try this: Google search.

Jan 28, 2004

Law & Order: An Adventure to Color

Law & Order's a repeat tonight, but this L&O colouring book is better than the real thing. Also:
"This video uses footage from the "Law & Order" series in order to celebrate the mundane, routine and largely unnoticed actions inherent in the show’s featured occupations. The criminal investigations and court trials in the show are comprised of suspenseful scenarios and swift, satisfying resolutions – the opposite of real police and lawyer’s work, which often moves at near-glacial pace. The boring and repetitive actions, when removed from their context and highlighted, defuse the drama of the show and become devoid of meaning. They also look really funny.

Jan 27, 2004

Big bad Bessie with the M-I-L-K

Saw a very clever commercial on tv tonight for .... Milk. A perfect spoof of a hip hop video, but featuring cattle farmers and cows.

A press release says:
Dairy Farmers of Canada-Ontario today unveiled a
new television ad featuring a posse of hip hop dancers, chillin' cows, rapping
farmers and a classic Massey Ferguson tractor that hops. The 30 and 60-second
ads are a parody of today's slickly produced rap and hip-hop videos designed
to hit teen's funny bones.

Sounds corny, but it actually works.

UPDATE: There's a copy of the video here.