Jul 19, 2004

Second Annual March for Mascot Rights

Reggy and the Raymond Entertainment Group are hosting their second March for Mascot Rights. This year's event features a lifetime achievement award for the Phillie Phanatic and the signing of the Mascot Bill of Rights. Dave Raymond was the original Phillie Phanatic performer.


Click Effects to be used at Olympic venues

"Sound & Video Creations is going to be lord of the rings - Olympic rings, that is. The Nashville-based company has signed a contract with California-based Big Screen Network Productions and will provide Click Effects Pro A/V software to 13 Olympic Games sites."


Jul 8, 2004

The Zambonis interview NYI's Sparky the Dragon

Dave from the Zambonis band sends this along:

"Check out a brand spankin' new piece'o'prose as Dave from The Zambonis interviews the New York Islanders Mascot Sparky The Dragon Not only has InsideHockey's "captain" Kevin given us the awesome opportunity to write some cool articles for his fabulous website, he's also playing keyboards with the band at Freddys. A tip to all of you writers and musicians: if a guy can help your band in any way, let him join your band."

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Jul 6, 2004

Update: Bike path detour signage behind Parliament Hill

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Passing the buck on video scoreboard clip

From the East Valley Tribune, an article about the rivalry between Arizona and San Jose of the Arena Football League:

"During the 2002 ArenaBowl in San Jose, the Saber-Cats showed on the JumboTron a play from the regular season finale between the teams. Rattlers lineman Stacy Evans got a quick jump off the line of scrimmage and, not hearing a whistle, sacked San Jose quarterback Mark Grieb and broke his collarbone. When the sack was replayed on the JumboTron, the sound of a referee’s whistle was heard well before Evans got to Grieb. The inference: Evans" cheap-shotted Grieb.

"It wasn’t a cheap shot," Nudo said. "That (the video replay) was a cheap shot. We asked the stadium operations guy about it, and he blamed the owner. We asked the owner, and he blamed the stadium operations guy. Nobody wanted to own up to it."

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From the Dayton Daily News, an article about the dangers of foul balls at ballparks.

"People are caught up in the magical spell of family fun — the mascots, the music, the on-field contests, the large video scoreboard — and along with watching the game, there's that chance for the ultimate souvenir — the foul ball. What people aren't expecting is a 100-mph missile."

"According to Elliott's studies — published recently in the Philadelphia Inquirer — an average of 35 to 40 balls reach the stands during a game. The most dangerous areas, he said, are between home plate and first and third base. He called those areas: "war zones."

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Take me "out" to the ball game

The Toronto Blue Jays hosted a "Jays Pride Community Game", offering ticket discounts and other specials in conjunction with Pride Week in Toronto. It's the first ever major North American sports promotion in conjunction with the gay and lesbian community.

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