Jul 26, 2007

West Michigan Whitecaps Star Wars Night

Seen on GameOps.com:

The West Michigan Whitecaps are hosting Star Wars Night this weekend (team website). Including:

  • storm_trooper.gifA post-game screening of The Empire Strikes Back
  • A Storm Trooper playing the national anthem on guitar
  • The players will wear special themed jerseys which will be auctioned off after the game for the Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • 30 costumed characters from the movies will roam the stadium during the game

Kansas City's new 7th inning stretch song is...

Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City".

We couldn't find an audio file online, but we did found a YouTube video that uses the song as a soundtrack. Here it is.

(See previous post here.)

Jul 15, 2007

Will the Phillies celebrate their 10,000th loss?

We're waiting to see if the Philadelphia Phillies do anything to commemorate their 10,000th franchise loss. Pro sports teams rarely have a sense of humour about this kind of thing. But if they did, here are some suggestions: Play Beck's "Loser" whenever a player comes up to bat. Rig all the promotions between innings so that there isn't a winner. Have Al Gore throw the first pitch. Have a "guaranteed loss" night (free ticket if the Phillies lose).

Jul 7, 2007

Cavaliers Mascot & Eva Longoria on the Kiss Cam

Found on YouTube:

Cavaliers Mascot and Eva Longoria in hot steamy Kiss-Cam action.

(via DCSportsChick)

Jul 5, 2007

The Game Day Experience

Check out Ted's Take for a great list of elements that influence a fan's game day experience. (Ted is the owner of the Washington Capitals.)

As far as game entertainment goes, he lists:
  • Lighting
  • Arena ambiance
  • Quality of merchandise and promotions
  • Music and videos
  • Scoreboard quality
  • Replays
We would add to that list:
  • National anthem & pre-game ceremonies
  • Intermission/half-time entertainment
  • Performers (cheerleaders, PA announcer, host, in-stand entertainers)

Jul 4, 2007

Four finalists for Kansas City's 7th Inning Stretch Song

The Kansas City Chiefs have narrowed down the field to four finalists in their search for a new 7th Inning Stretch Song:
  • Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
  • Dancing Queen - ABBA
  • Kansas City - The Beatles
  • Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison
You can vote for your favourite here. Please, not ABBA.

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