Jul 28, 2011

Renovations to St. Pete Times Forum include a new pipe organ and Tesla coils for lightning

Some notes from a TampaBay.com article about renovations to St. Pete Times Forum this summer:

  • Fifty-four flatbeds worth of concrete were removed from two upper-deck end zone seating sections. Five-hundred seventy-four seats gave way to a pipe organ, which will have a bar on either side, a fixture Leiweke hopes becomes a staple of the arena, similar to the pirate ship in the Raymond James Stadium end zone.
  • Another signature addition will be Tesla coils on either side of the scoreboard that will shoot lightning 25 feet.
  • A new lighting system will add more brightness to the arena, which will enhance the experience for hockey fans at the game and watching on TV. Leiweke said the Forum was one of the darkest surfaces in the NHL. The improved lighting will now allow super slow-motion technology to be utilized.

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