Oct 31, 2009

Atlanta Hawks Halloween half-time show

Mascot & dance team dance to Thriller

A couple of Sens Halloween videos

Here are a couple of vids we produced for the video scoreboard, for today's game between Ottawa and Atlanta. Thanks to our editors/animators Jeremy & Dave for their work on these pieces.

VIDEO: Chicago Blackhawks - Halloween masks

Here's a brilliant video scoreboard piece from the Chicago Blackhawks from Halloween 2008.

Oct 21, 2009

All about the "Miracle Kid"

Puck Daddy has a great article about Josh Sacco, the 4-year-old who recreated the locker room speech from "Miracle", and created a bit of a YouTube sensation. Over 1.5 million people have watched the vid. We showed it on the video scoreboard at a recent Sens game too. Here it is:

Check out what the Nashville Predators did:

Montreal Canadiens players introduce themselves

Check out this video from opening night this year for the Montreal Canadiens. In particular, shuffle ahead to after the 4 minute mark, when the players introduce themselves.

It's a creative take on player intros, and I'm sure other teams will imitate it. It might not work for every team - but for the Canadiens, "je suis..." is perfect.

Oct 4, 2009

Edmonton Oilers opening night: bagpipes and acrobats

The Edmonton Oilers had a very unique pre-game show for their home opener this year, with a circus-like show featuring a huge bagpipe band and two acrobats performing tricks while suspended from the ceiling. The show's been taking a lot of flack on message boards -- but I think it was pretty original and from the loud applause it sounds like the fans at Rexall Place really enjoyed it. Here's the full show -- all 28 minutes -- from Oilers On Demand. (Make sure you watch the great intro video at about 13:50.)

(Thanks to CC for the tip.)

Oct 2, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Banner pre-game ceremony

The Penguins dropped four 60-foot scrims from the ceiling, creating four huge screens surrounding their video scoreboard. (An effect we saw a couple years back in LA during the NBA finals.) Check out the effect and video, narrated by Dennis Miller. Congrats to the crew in Pittsburgh for a great show.

Oct 1, 2009

Leafs crowd sings the anthem a capella

No anthem singer tonight in Toronto for the season opener vs. Montreal. The fans sang the anthem - cool.

(saw this on Kukla's Korner)

UAF Nanook Hockey Open 07-08 "Highway to the Danger Zone"

This video is making the rounds today. Quite entertaining.

YouTube description says: "Hockey open w/ Polar Bear from Fairbanks, Alaska for the UAF Nanooks AKA "The Alaska Nanooks". This is the intended directors cut with the original music choice, rejected by the UAF people for being "too 80's" as if there is such a thing. Visual effects by Mike Martinez with help from Chris LeDoux of R!OT fame (on the moon explosion). Narrated by Brad F. Douglas. Written, Produced, and Directed by Mike Martinez."