Sep 11, 2008

New scoreboard at Air Canada Centre

The Toronto Star has and article and some video showing the new video scoreboard and control room at Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors. Some highlights from the article:
- The new scoreboard is fully HD functional - the old board was VHS type quality signal. The main portion of the new board is 17 by 10 feet - old was 16 by 9 - so 20 per cent more screen.
-8 new rectangular boards above the main board, all with LED projection.
-A new ring style board below the main board.
- 4 new boards on the bottom, used specifically for NHL, NBA score updates.
- Total expense on the new board is $7.8 million - $4.7 million to renovate the control room, and the rest on the board - the old board coast $4 million (10 years ago).