Nov 11, 2004

Jumbotron for sale on eBay

Up for auction on eBay: Iowa/Hawkeye football scoreboard with jumbotron:

"This large scoreboard is available on 22 Nov 2004. It has recorded some of the most memorable victories in Hawkeye football history. Purchaser is to dismantle and remove from site. Includes controls and Jumbotron. Contact seller for information."

Opening bid is $10,000 USD - but no bids yet.

Go to the auction...

Updated: Land Developers Inc., the owners of Nebraska Raceway Park, have purchased the scoreboard and JumboTron that captured some of the greatest moments in Iowa Hawkeye football... The University of Iowa is in the process of renovating the legendary stadium and the scoreboard and JumboTron will be removed to make way for new suites and seating. More from
(Land Developers Inc. made the first and only bid, at US $10,000.)


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