May 11, 2005

Search Engine Optimization

Had a client ask about search engine optimization services.

Yes, there are legit companies out there that have been successful in improving site rankings. But there are many, many companies who won't tell you is that many of their techniques are only temporary at best. Search engines re-program themselves every few months to try to reduce what they consider 'search optimization spam', and deliver the most relevant, useful results.

I offered him some free advice, that has always worked for me, to ensure your site ranks highly:

1. Text. Search engines read text only. If you have graphics, make sure they make use of the "alt" tag (for alternate text). If you have flash, javascript, PDF, or other special multimedia content, be aware that this probably won't be indexed.

2. Content-specific pages. Create pages that are specific to one topic. (A good example of this are the "Guides" on

3. Choose topics that are out of the ordinary, unusual. Find niche topics where there are few (or inadequate) websites, and spend some time developing those areas.

4. Update your content as often as possible.

5. Support your website with effective, targeted advertising in other media.

Hope that helps.


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