Jul 5, 2006

Behind Blue Fur: Interview with Devil Rays mascot

The St. Petersburg Times has a fun profile on Raymond, the mascot for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Some highlights:

Raymond - a sea dog of genus Canus Manta, species whatthefluffalus - bounces along the corridors of Tropicana Field in 18-inch sneakers, drawing cheers and high-fives. His blue, pear-shaped body rocks from side to side. The silky hair of his ears and snout flops with each jerk of his head.
Before a game against Baltimore, Raymond snatches a fan's Orioles hat and sneezes on it. He grabs another orange and black cap to freshen his underarms.
Cooling off in his lair below the stands, Raymond contemplates the profession. "I think the Oriole Bird put it best: If this wasn't so much fun, this would be the worst job in the world.' "
Probably the worst part of the job is the heat. "The only way I can compare it is putting on three sweatshirts, three pairs of sweatpants and a bucket on your head and go run around in that."
Another unplanned moment didn't turn out so well. Last season, Raymond leaned over the fence in the right field stands and accidentally tumbled over, keeping his grip on the fence's top rail. He hung from the rail for a moment, his arm broken by the sudden wrenching, then dropped 11 feet to the ground.

(via GameOps)

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