Aug 25, 2006

The mother of all ovations

All week on the blog, Jon Cudo has been counting down his five favourite ovations. It's a good read.

My favourite ovation happened in May 2001. Ottawa 67's vs. Plymouth Whalers in the last game of the Ontario Hockey League finals. It was a surprise that the 67's made it as far as they did in the playoffs that year -- and an even bigger surprise that they were about to knock off the Whalers to win the J. Ross Robertson Cup.

A packed house, nearly 10,000 fans in the building. Third period, last 5 minutes of the game, the crowd started to applaud ... and cheer ... and stand on their feet. It was so loud in the building that any music we played was drowned out by the noise from the crowd. So we just stopped playing music, stopped making announcements, and let the crowd own the moment.

What's your favourite ovation?

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