Oct 3, 2006

GameOps.com reviews the Pittsburgh Pirates gameday show

Jon Cudo from GameOps.com has posted a great review of the Pittsburgh Pirates gameday show, as part of the GameOps.com Six from Six series. It's a great idea for the series -- and this installment is the best one yet.

A sample:

Lesson 1: Spice up your most reoccurring elements

In baseball a major video piece is the introduction of each batter. Most teams do a nice job with the intros and graphics, knowing that it is something that fans will see over and over again. The Pirates didn't do a great job on this....they did a great job on this over and over again.

After the team had batted around, the video package changed. The Pirates scoreboard crew had no less than four entire sets of graphic packages for the roster. One was a pirate-theme video package using the team name and concept. The next time around there was a comic book-style font and graphics, followed by a bobblehead version.

Another version showed each of the Pirates players painting their names on a large canvas. The video ended with a tight shot on the players' painted name. It showed the players in an interesting setting and a unique side of their personality. Some players were more engaged in this that others, so the results varied a bit, but overall it added to the variety and it showcased the players personalities well.

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