Aug 23, 2007

ESPN: Is Mr. Met worthy of the Hall of Fame?

ESPN's Page 2 has a fun piece about Mr. Met's nomination for the Mascot Hall of Fame. Mr. Met was the first-ever professional baseball mascot, as well as the first "costumed character" in pro-sports. He made his debut in New York on April 14, 1964.

This year's nominees for the Mascot Hall of Fame are:

Professional Category:
1. Youpie - Former Montreal Expos and Current Montreal Canadiens
2. Mr. Met - New York Mets
3. Hugo the Hornet - New Orleans Hornets
4. The Coyote - San Antonio Spurs
5. The Oriole Bird - Baltimore Orioles
6. The Mariner Moose

Collegiate Category:
1. Lil Red - University of Nebraska
2. Sebastian the Ibis - University of Miami
3. Smokie - University of Tennessee
4. Brutus Buckeye - Ohio State University
5. Big Red - Western Kentucky University
6. Sparty - Michigan State University

You can vote for your favourite mascot here.


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