Sep 15, 2007

Oo La La Sasson: Official Jeans of the New York Rangers (1979)

Two of our most-visited blog posts include Guy Lafleur's disco album, and the Calgary Flames karaoke video. This 1970s tv spot featuring the New York Rangers is destined to join our hall of fame:

"Members of the New York Rangers sing about Sasson Jeans. I think it is Phil Esposito, Rockin' Ron Duguay, Ron GReschner and one of the Maloneys. It could be Andres Hedberg too though."

A viewer comments: "During the 1981 playoffs when the Islanders humiliated the Rangers in the semi-finals, game 2 of that series at the Coliseum started chanting "Oooo La La Rangers suck!" It was hilarious, that and the game pair of 7-2 BEATINGS the Islanders gave the Rangers back then."

(via Black Aces)

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