Jan 20, 2008

Boston Celtics fans love Gino Vanelli

Macleans.ca has a very entertaining story about how Gino Vannelli, a Canadian pop icon from the 70's and 80's, has become a huge hit at Boston Celtics games.

Earlier this season, the team started showing a very cheesy disco video on their scoreboard. Here's a look:

The video has become a staple at Celtics home games, a hit with fans and players, and has even spawned a line of merchandise. Other than the t-shirt, this all has nothing to do with Gino Vannelli -- although he has jokingly suggested he'd like to sing the anthem.

Here's how Macleans describes it:
"As the clock runs down on another Boston Celtics home victory, a disco anthem blares over the arena sound system and the scoreboard begins flashing clips from a 1970s episode of American Bandstand. One on-screen dancer in particular gets the crowd on its feet, cheering during every game: a bearded man whom Celtics faithful call “Gino” because of his tight T-shirt, which bears the name and image of Montreal-born singer, composer and one-time disco heartthrob Gino Vannelli.

The Celtics arena staff waits until a stoppage in play late in the game, when the result is beyond any doubt, before cuing up the music and getting Gino Time underway. Every time Gino appears in the montage of dancers, the crowd hoots and screams his name."

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Anonymous said...

The video has actually been around since at least 2002 (maybe even earlier):

Check here