Jun 5, 2008

Great Promotions: "Cheaper By The Gallon"

The Fort Meyers Miracle have a promotion running for every Monday home game called "Cheaper By The Gallon". This is a great promotion because its creative, and thorough -- I guess you can say they've covered all the bases. Some of the elements of the promo:

  • The lowest price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline offered in South Fort Myers, will equal the cost of a box seat ticket for that night's game.
  • For example, "Sharpie's Super Stop" has regular unleaded gas at $3.86 a gallon, then $3.86 is what you pay for a box seat that normally costs $7.00.
  • Fans will have the chance to win anything from a gallon of water to a gallon of sour cream. Anything that comes in a gallon is fair game for a "Cheaper by the Gallon" Monday giveaway.
  • Monday patrons will also benefit with a discount on popular items from the grill -- hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bratwursts and chicken sandwiches. The same price for a gallon of gasoline is the same reduced price for these ballpark favorites.
  • Since there are four quarts in a gallon, if there are four people in your vehicle when you arrive at Hammond Stadium, your parking is free on Monday nights.
  • Every fan who attends a Monday night game will be entered into a drawing to receive a pass for free gas, courtesy of the Miracle.
(via Ben's Biz Blog)

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