Mar 25, 2009

I'm getting hungry: Three articles about stadium food

  1. The Milwaukee Brewers introduce a $1 concession stand menu, offering hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn, ice cream, and cookies -- all for a buck each. (via Partnership Activation)

  2. Ben's Biz Blog reports on the new $15 hamburger available to Michigan Whitecaps fans. It's 5/3 pounds of beef. (It's called the Fifth Third Burger, b/c the Whitecaps play at the Fifth Third ballpark. Get it?) See photo below.

  3. The Lakewood Blueclaws have a new "kids eat free" promotion at their concession stands. They had a similar program last year available on Monday nights only, but this season they'll extend the promo to every night of the year. Upon entering the ballpark, all kids get a voucher for a free hot dog, a bag of potato chips, and a 12 oz. fountain soda. (via Sports Marketing and PR Roundup)

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