Sep 19, 2010

Houston Astros try to set a harmonica record

I thought this was another Onion joke at first, but it's true. Last week, the Houston Astros tried to set a world harmonica record. Here's info from their web site.
"On Friday, September 10th the Houston Astros and their fans will attempt to set a new world record for most people playing a song on the harmonica.

The world record event will take place immediately following the 7:05pm game against the Dodgers. 10,000 harmonicas will be handed out prior to the game and fans who stay after the game will be taught how to play a song and a new world record will be set!

A Guinness Book of World Records representative will be present to verify the record and the number of people playing. Be a part of history!"

(via The Biz of Baseball)

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