Apr 9, 2011

Photo: The most expensive regular hot dog in Major League Baseball

Darren Rovell posted this photo of a $5.50 hot dog at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.  Apparantly it's the most you'll pay for a hotdog at any MLB ballpark.

Related: What MLB Teams are Charging for Tickets, Beer, Hot Dogs & Parking:

  • The most expensive beers are sold by the Boston Red Sox (60.4 cents an oz.), New York Yankees (50 cents an ounce) and the St. Louis Cardinals (54.1 cents an oz.)
  • The cheapest beers are sold by the Arizona Diamondbacks (28.6 cents an oz.), Pittsburgh Pirates (31.2 cents an oz.), Texas Rangers (31.2 cents an oz.), Philadelphia Phillies (32.1 cents an oz.) and Los Angeles Angels (32.1 cents an oz.)
  • The most expensive hot dogs are sold by the New York Mets ($5.50), Toronto Blue Jays ($5.11).
  • The cheapest hot dogs are sold by the Cincinnati Reds ($1), Baltimore Orioles ($2).

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