Jun 3, 2011

UPDATE: I have retired my old cellphone

This cell phone served me well for five years.  It was an emergency replacement phone after my previous one was lost in a suspected diaper genie accident.  It made phone calls, it texted, and I could even tweet with it.  All for $15/month with a pre-paid plan.

The ringtone was a polyphonic version of Girl, by Beck.  I still instinctively reach for my cell every time the song comes on my ipod.

Once, it was dropped in a puddle.

Once, it was chewed on by a teething baby.

Once, an 11-year-old called it "cool" and "retro".

I was committed to keeping it until the numbers and letters rubbed off, which was only months away.  But then it stopped receiving calls.  That was the final death blow.

Goodbye, old cell phone.


Steve Gower said...

My first phone was a Nokia almost like that one. Its death was due to going through the laundry...

Shahana said...

Well within 5 years, this cell phone condition is really became terrible

chris said...

Holy crap Glen.