Feb 12, 2012

30 True Grammy Facts, Compiled

I've been researching all day to come up with these little-known Grammy facts and pop music trivia.
  1. Grammy Fact: LMFAO's new single is actually a remake of an old Irving Berlin showtune, "Please Accept My Apologies For Party Rockin'" 
  2. Grammy Fact: The term "Grammy" is a nod to the proliferation of cocaine in the music industry. 
  3. Grammy Fact: Original Lyrics to Adele's hit song: "There's a fire / burning in my yard." 
  4. Grammy Fact: "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 only has one chord. 
  5. Grammy Fact: Forget Adele's return from throat surgery. Music insiders are eagerly anticipating Tony Bennett's return from laser eye surgery 
  6. Grammy Fact: Tonight's Coldplay performance deliberately scheduled at end of broadcast so that they don't put everybody to sleep. Thank you. 
  7. Grammy Fact: I'm not familiar with Deadmau5 but I did find one in my basement once. 
  8. Grammy Fact: An old tradition is that whoever wins "Best New Artist" has to buy all the other artists a round. 
  9. Grammy Fact: The award for "Best New Artist" has been handed out since 1959. Christina Aguilera has won it three times. 
  10. Grammy Fact: Diana Krall, the only Canadian performing at this year's awards, was invited by accident. 
  11. Grammy Fact: To reduce the length of the broadcast, all musical performances have been cut from the show this year.
  12. Grammy Fact: It took me more time to write all these facts than it did for Bruno Mars to write his entire album.
  13. Grammy Fact: Maroon 5 set to introduce their follow-up single, "Sits Kind Of Awkwardly At Piano Like Tori Amos".
  14. Grammy Fact: LL Cool J and Dexy's Midnight Runners set to perform "Knock Out Eileen" at tonight's awards: http://t.co/shixezqN
  15. Grammy Fact: Carlos Santana still refuses to do a duet with Taylor Swift.
  16. Grammy Fact: The Grammy Awards have been held every year since 1959, except for 2010 during the Bird Flu epidemic.
  17. Grammy Fact: Legend has it that after Alanis won in 1996, she threw her award into the Rideau Canal.
  18. Grammy Fact: My kids have listened to Katy Perry's "Fireworks" about 850 times in the past year, iTunes reports.
  19. Grammy Fact: Hootie and the Blowfish won Best New Artist in 1996.
  20. Grammy Fact: In 1998, I was nominated (but did not win) for "Best Hockey Organist". (The category has since been dropped.)
  21. Grammy Fact: Prince and Adele to perform "Some 1 Like U" on tonight's broadcast. 
  22. Grammy Fact: Janet Jackson is the only artist to receive a "Best Album" award posthumously.
  23. Grammy Fact: Robert Goulet, who won Best New Artist in 1963, went on to a 14-year career with the Chicago Blackhawks and Quebec Nordiques. 
  24. Grammy Fact: As if Walter Ostanek has not been nominated this year. Seriously Grammys, WTF. http://bit.ly/5a85N4
  25. Grammy Fact: The broadcast has had a 10-second delay ever since Raffi's explitive-filled tirade about endangered whales in 1985. 
  26. Grammy Fact: The Recording Academy blamed the 1989 snub of Technotronic on a rounding error, and fired their accounting firm. 
  27. Grammy Fact: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince was originally a prank to get nominated in the "Best Contemporary Jazz Artist" category. 
  28. Grammy Fact: Due to changing demographics, the Academy has added a "Best Old Artist" category this year. Nominees: Usher, Green Day. 
  29. Grammy Fact: The Grammy Awards are usually held in Los Angeles, except for in 1989 when they were held in Neil Young's barn.
  30. Grammy Fact: Unlike the MTV Music Awards, performers on the Grammy telecast are encouraged to play instruments.
Actually only two of these are true. Which ones?

Post Script: Incredibly, Grammy Fact #25 made it back to Raffi, who denied it via Twitter: "in a word, no. def not my style"

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