Feb 15, 2013

Vancouver Canucks ask fans to help them choose a new entrance song

I'm not a fan of some of the songs they've shortlisted (can we please move on from Welcome to the Jungle?!), but the execution here is good: "Project NU2".
  • The House that Heaven Built – Japandroids
  • We Are – Static in the Stars
  • Burn it to the Ground – Nickelback
  • Welcome to the Jungle – Guns & Roses
  • A Warrior’s Call – Volbeat
  • Stockholm – DJ MEG

"A few weeks ago we launched Project NU2, the official Vancouver Canucks hunt for a new entrance song. We laid out criteria for what the team is looking for in a fresh tune and then opened the floor to you, our beloved fans. 
We received 2,853 submissions and the range of music was phenomenal; from The Who, Sam Roberts, April Wine and Toby Mac to Queen, The Hives, The Wallflowers and the Cobra Skulls, there was something for everyone – and yet the debate rages on. 
After carefully sifting through the results (well, not me personally, I’d play Foo Fighters every game as the intro, goal song and between periods!) we’ve gathered the top six songs, as determined by you, and we’re putting it to another vote."

(Thanks CC for the pointer.) 

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