May 25, 2006

Edmonton fans belt out the anthem (part 2)

More on Edmonton fans belting out the anthem in Game 3 vs. Anaheim:
  • Eric Duhatschek in the Globe & Mail had a great column today about the fan phenomenon in Edmonton. By all accounts, it's the loudest the rink has been, including the dynasty years in the 1980s. Oilers president Pat Laforge attributes the energy of the fan to the demographics -- a typical Oiler fan is a 30-year-old urban-lifestyle male, who comes to the game with a group of friends, and owns his own seat.
  • Here's a fan video of O Canada from Game 3, probably shot on a camera phone from somewhere in the stands.
  • Terry Jones in the Edmonton Journal wrote about the event as a great moment in hockey history -- maybe even sports history.
  • Paul Laurieau did the same thing in Game 4, letting the fans sing the last half of the Canadian anthem. (Watch the anthem video from game 4 here.

(Read Edmonton fans belt out the anthem, Part 1)

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