Apr 25, 2007

NHL anthem singers we like

  • Lyndon Slewidge, Ottawa Senators
  • Lauren Hart, Philadelphia Flyers
  • Paul Lorieau, Edmonton Oilers
  • Doug Allen, Buffalo Sabres

Doug gets added to the list after his performance tonight at HSBC Arena, before Game 1 of the Buffalo-New York series. He was accompanied by the arena organist, and sang at a nice, quick tempo. He doesn't mess with the melody, and sings with authority and excitement. And best of all, they always sing both the U.S. and Canadian anthems before every game - regardless of which teams are playing. What a great way to start a game.

BONUS NON-HOCKEY ANTHEM VIDEO: Marvin Gaye sings the anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game.


Anonymous said...

whoa whoa whoa...what about Karen Newman from Detroit???

rick said...

I have to assume that you haven't heard Patrick Lauder, the Coyotes anthem singer, if he's not on this list. The guy is amazing on both the American AND Canadian anthems. Powerful tenor voice, but not operatic. Sings with a lot of energy and does them both with respect... exactly the way they should be sung.