May 3, 2007

New York Post re: O Canada

From a New York Post blog:
"In my opinion, the Canadian national anthem should be sung at all hockey games in North America. I love "O Canada"; it's a great tune and a rousing anthem. It signifies a country and its spirit well, and hearing it really gets me fired up. Sure, I've got Canuck heritage, but objectively I think it's hard to deny that it has a place in hockey. Singing "O Canada" is paying homage to the place that gave us such a great sort and so many great players...

The Phoenix Coyotes used to be the Winnipeg Jets. Sing "O Canada" there. Detroit is right across the river from Windsor, Ontario. I think it's crazy if they don't sing "O Canada" at the Joe. Sing it everywhere; Florida, California ... Nashville ... because — to adapt a cliche — even if you take all the hockey teams out of Canada, you'll never take the Canada out of hockey."
(via Kukla's Korner)

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