May 3, 2007

The moment of silence

Check out the great feature on about the "Moment of Silence". Editor Jon Cudo asked five different teams from various sports leagues about their policies and experience with observing a moment of silence. (Although totally unplanned, this feature is particularly timely, coming right after the Virginia Tech shootings.)

Some interesting notes:
  • Major League Soccer didn't observe a moment of silence after the Virginia Tech massacre, but instead read the following: "Instead of observing a moment of silence, we ask that you show your support for the families most deeply affected by this tragedy by joining INSERT NAME OF ANTHEM SINGER in singing a song of perseverance and solidarity – The Star-Spangled Banner."
  • The New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets observe a moment of silence before EVERY home game to honour American soldiers who died while serving their country.
  • From the Portland Trailblazers: "Recently a long time (much publicized) season ticket holder passed away and we didn't do a moment of silence, but we put a "we will miss you" message on the big screen then went to a live shot of her seat which had photos & flowers on it."

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