Oct 13, 2007

Boos in Buffalo

From Sabres Edge:

The Sabres have been holding a competition since the summer to find an in-game host at HSBC Arena. They are down to the final two contestants. But really, who would want to do it?

Forget Philadelphia. Buffalo fans have become the quickest to pull the trigger on booing in the United States. They booed the Sabres into getting rid of previous in-game host Nicolas Picholas. They boo anthem singer Doug Allen. They boo the refs. They boo the opposition. They boo the power play. Sure enough, they booed the final two contestants.

The first one leads a church youth group. The second is a military reservist, who looked like he immediately regretted applying for the job. They played a clip of him singing a takeoff of the "Piano Man," with words about the Sabres that he penned himself. The words were good, the singing so-so, and the fans buried him.

Tough crowd, as expected.

**Third-period update: The Sabres asked the crowd to vote on which host they liked best. Nominee One: "Boooo!" Nominee Two: "Boooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Video & background on the Sabres MC contestants are here.

Via Hockey Capital

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