Oct 16, 2007

Phoenix Coyotes trademark the "White Out" promotion

The Phoenix Coyotes haven't run a playoff "white out" promotion since 2001-2002, but they're ready just in case. The Arizona Republic reports that the Coyotes have trademark rights to the word "White Out":
... the Coyotes have trademark rights to the term "White Out." The club registered the term even before moving from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Phoenix and has reapplied when necessary to keep it up to date.
Steve Weinreich, a Coyotes' vice president and the team's general counsel, told the Daily Collegian recently that any variation of the "White Out" term for marketing purposes is a violation.

It isn't unusual for teams, coaches or athletes to secure the rights to marketing slogans.

• Miami Heat coach Pat Riley once registered the term "Three-peat" when he was coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

• Ring announcer Michael Buffer has the trademark on "Let's get ready to rumble." In fact, Holbrook said NHL clubs used to use that at the start of games but now must pay Buffer if they use it.

• The Seattle Seahawks and Texas A&M wrangled over the "12th Man" in a lawsuit last year. The Seahawks now pay a licensing fee to A&M to use it.

• And first baseman Tony Clark registered "Anybody, anytime" this season after he coined it and it became the motto of the Diamondbacks.

The Coyotes' tradition began when the club was in Winnipeg and officials asked fans to wear all white in a 1987 playoff game against Calgary in response to the Flames' "Sea of Red."

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