Apr 27, 2009

Chicago Blackhawks Goal Song: Chelsea Dagger

The Chicago Blackhawks goal song this year is "Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis. The Chicago Daily Herald has the scoop:

"We were searching high and low for a goal song," Tom O'Grady said. "It was a little quirky, and it was certainly contagious. I really respect Blackhawks fans, and I wanted something uplifting that could be pretty organic once it got going."

It wasn't an immediate hit, however

"The first few games we were getting some pretty bad responses - we were like, 'We might not make it,'" O'Grady said with a smile. "(Hawks president) John McDonough has a great vision; he said, 'Let it roll for a while.'

"Now it's pretty contagious and people really like it and it's become our goal song - more by patience than design."


steadyjake said...

lifelong habs fan but i covet your goal song. great UNIQUE choice.

jaysun said...

I'll have to admit, it's kind of catchy. I didn't like it at first, now it's a guilty pleasure.

Go Hawks!

cherneyj said...

Hockey fan down in Nashville, and I envy the Blackhawks goal song.. such an uplifting fun occasion... as a goal celebration should be! It sparks the fans with uplifting fever, which has the chance of igniting the 7th man.

I admit to belting out the Nashville Predators "I like it, I love it" but I could support the switch to something more lively and infectious. Go Blackhawks!