Feb 28, 2010

This week's Twitter round-up - Feb 28

Some recent links and notes we posted to Twitter over the past couple of weeks. Check out my live feed here.
  1. RT @CanadaCool: Brian Williams of NBC left behind a thank-you note to Canada: http://bit.ly/dCsvPh VIA @smalltownpete
  2. Watching CTV, just learned their promo voiceover guy is Lee Marshall, who has a very interesting resume http://bit.ly/b51fri
  3. RT @MuppetNewsflash: A Fraggle perspective on curling -- http://bit.ly/ch9ERK
  4. Quiet please, we're curling http://bit.ly/cMGC5S
  5. Karma pays back the raptor for eating a cheerleader http://bit.ly/dBio46
  6. RT @humplik: The BEST video clip you'll see today. I promise. Thanks @kennyhotz. http://ow.ly/1pffM0
  7. What's your pick for the top moment is Daniel Alfredsson's career? http://tinyurl.com/ya8h9ww
  8. Muk Muk rally for full mascot status at Vancouver 2010 http://bit.ly/aILUXO
  9. Article about the new 22,000-seat arena in Louisville Kentucky http://tinyurl.com/yftvkz3
  10. Best figure skating routine ever: Chris Farley on SNL. http://bit.ly/aeIMdX "Pump up the jam they will."
  11. More mascots eating cheerleaders (SFW) http://bit.ly/95ZAV0
  12. Awesome video: Canadian men's hockey team raps http://tinyurl.com/yeq83yg
  13. Nicely done. RT @6thSens: Memorable Senators hair. http://bit.ly/bdEo6P
  14. RT @CanadaCool: Curling today! Ten Great Songs About the Sport (who knew?) http://bit.ly/aKr2ci VIA @justkarl
  15. Zamboni company disavows any connection to Richmond's malfunctioning ice-resurfacing machines http://tinyurl.com/ygze9hq
  16. If you enjoy watching mascots eat cheerleaders, here's another video for you http://bit.ly/a0xMx0
  17. Not suprisingly that "failed marriage proposal" at the NY Rangers game yesterday was indeed a hoax http://bit.ly/akQ8ed

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