Mar 7, 2010

Weekly Twitter round-up, March 7

Some links and notes I posted to Twitter this week. Follow me here, please.
  1. Prediction: CTV is going to play that "I Believe" song if any Canadians win an Oscar.
  2. Gotta see if I can find the Frankfurt Lions goal song on YouTube. Schuerzenjaeger - Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch
  3. Ever wonder what music they play at hockey rinks in Germany? Now you know:
  4. Gord Wilson: the hardest working man in hockey.
  5. RT @bgrantcampbell: Breakdown of Sidney Crosby's goal, courtesy of the Tor Star:
  6. RT @PixelPictures: - Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron control room - controlling the world's largest HD screen.
  7. What Youtube will look like in the year 2025. I think we'll see most of these features way before then...
  8. Avalanche goalie Peter Budaj talks music. Classical music. Interesting:
  9. It's Don Cherry night in Boston
  10. RT @griffinshockey: @glengower another dance video -
  11. Ron from Nashville just sent me a link to this great intermission dance video


Lee Marshall said...

Glen...That link you posted re: Lee a different Lee. HE is American and NOT the CTV voice-over announcer. Meanwhile I am CANADIAN...and THAT guy. Lee Marshall

G said...

Hi Lee. Thanks for the correction... and sorry for the mistaken identiy! What are the chances there were to Lee Marshalls with sports / tv / radio announcing experience?