Mar 26, 2010

How much does beer cost around the NHL?

A must read for hockey and beer fans: Puck Daddy's 2010 NHL Beer Cost Matrix, Version 1.0.
Since the start of the season, we've been commissioning fans in every NHL city to seek out label and price information for the beer in their arenas. This is because (a) we wanted something more in-depth than the information in Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index and (b) some NHL teams actually refused to provide concession price information when it was requested.

(And by "some NHL teams," we mean the Montreal Canadiens, who told us they don't "give out" information that's posted on signs inside their arena for 20,000 fans to see 41 times a year.)

The readers were told to report back with the beer types, sizes and prices for the largest brews available at their games. As you'll see, some provided a bit more than that and some provided a tad less.

See the matrix / chart here...

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