Apr 2, 2010

Bob McCown says one anthem is plenty

Here's an article for my Algonquin class -- specifically the group that's debating anthems this week. Here's a slightly different take on National Anthems from Bob McCown. He suggests one anthem is enough at pro sports events.

Still, the answer isn't to afford equal treatment to the anthem of another country. The answer is to get rid of it altogether. I mean, what is the basis for playing "O Canada" in the U.S. anyway? Well, the answer is because one of the 30 teams in MLB is in Canada. Is that enough? Uh, no!

Doesn't it make more sense to respect the nationalities of the players involved? Sure it does, but if you go down that road the playing of the anthems would have to commence before noon for a one o'clock start.

No, the correct response is gettting rid of anthem-playing all together.

Look, I've heard the song. It's catchy. But every tune gets old after a while. I mean, do you still like "Hey Jude" as much as you did the first 500 times you heard it?

When I go to a mid-season sporting event, the playing of the anthem is a mind-numbing experience. I don't stand there quietly pondering the great freedoms we enjoy or the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. I don't get teary-eyed or weak-kneed. And the only lump in my throat is likely to be the pizza I bit into just before the music started to play.

I confess there are moments when it is possible to feel real emotion when "O Canada" begins, but never at a sporting event.

I realize that eliminating the anthem altogether isn't going to happen, though that would be my preference. But surely we never need to hear more than one anthem at any one time…anywhere…under any circumstance!

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Anonymous said...

Since I only know hockey, I'll only talk hockey. I think two anthems is fine. One for the home country, and one for the visiting team, if they're from out of the country. So if Ottawa is playing Buffalo, play both. Or Ottawa-Phoenix. Maybe, because there are so many Canadians at Buffalo games, because it's close to the border, play both to acknowledge those fans. I don't mind the show of respect to the home country and the country the team is visiting from. Actually, I think it adds a little variety. It's nice to hear something else. Like he said, the national anthem can get a little stale. Not to say that it's meaningless now, but I enjoy going to a game and hearing "O Canada." It's not something I get to hear often.

Baseball's on it's own with this one, though.