Apr 4, 2010

Link round-up, April edition

Cleaning up some email ... here are some interesting links sent to me by a few of my Algonquin students:

  • ESPN/ True Hoop: About those dancers
    "In most of regular life these days, outside of Las Vegas, half-naked gyrating women are considered inappropriate. Paying young women to act out that brand of 14-year-old heterosexual male fantasy, and generally sexualizing things to that degree, is too stark a slap to the face of sexual equality to be tolerated. After all, one of the most important lessons of the last century was that women aren't subservient sex objects, right... But is there any denying that one of the major lessons one could take from watching an NBA dance team is that women are just precisely that?"
  • Officials tweaking Cowboys Stadium for smoother second year
    Changes include new stadium tours, an art tour, improvements to the actual scoring part of the scoreboard, and better wireless internet.
  • Carolina Hurricanes/RBC Center - change of plans for January 30th
    Good communication with fans to help mitigate traffic and safety problems due to bad weather
  • How You Doin'?
    Comcast-Spectator rolls out a successful customer service program to all of its facilities.

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