Aug 11, 2010

All about Beer Cup Snakes (aka Cup Stacking), the lastest craze

I know I am late on this but it has to be documented:

Like The Wave and "Potvin Sucks!", in latest in the great tradition of fan-created stadium fun comes Beer Cup Snakes, also known as Cup Stacking.

That's where fans, usually at outdoor stadiums, collect empty plastic beer cups, and stack them together into huge "snakes" that span dozens of rows of seating.

The activity came to prominence earlier this summer when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers banned the practice from their stadium:

The beer snake slithered into existence at the Bombers’ first home game of the season and is the pride and joy of the notoriously rowdy Section S at Canad Inns Stadium, but the team worries it poses a threat to fan safety.

"Regretfully, we witnessed the beer cups being thrown at the conclusion of our home game of July 9, which resulted in several minor injuries to our fans as well as many emails and communications to our office voicing concern and displeasure from our fans," the team said in a news release today.

On Monday, Bomber spokesman Darren Cameron said some fans had been cut by plastic beer cups that frequently rain down from the upper decks of the stadium as jubilant fans pitch in to assemble the beery behemoth, flinging cups from above and below the faux-serpent.

And of course, Beer Snake now has its own entry in Wikipedia.

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