Jan 26, 2011

A note about cowbell etiquette

From the Laurel Leader-Call:
To the editor:

After reading the opinion column of Nov. 9 in reference to the “excessive” use of cowbells at Mississippi State games, I thought I would share our experience at the game Oct. 30 against Kentucky.

There were frequent reminders broadcast on the jumbotron throughout the pregame activities and throughout the entire game that fans were to ring their cowbells only at specific times. The scoreboard had an area that was just dedicated to “Ring Now” or “Yell Now” flashing signs. With very few exceptions, the fans followed these requirements.

We were pleasantly surprised at the cooperation among the fans. In our section, there were perhaps 3 or 4 people who didn’t follow the instructions. Naturally these 3 or 4 were drinking during the entire game.

Because I have sensitive hearing, I flinched each time the cowbells rang. To my surprise, I was sincerely offered packages of earplugs by two different gentlemen sitting nearby. If the cowbells really bother you that much, perhaps you should stay home and watch the game on TV or bring a set of earplugs along because it doesn’t seem that the cowbells have hurt MSU’s game attendance at all.

— Ellen Bigbie

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