Jan 3, 2011

Tom Green unleashes the fury at Washington Capitals games

From the Washington Post:

For several years now, Caps fans have risen to their feet late in the third period and screamed "Unleash the Fury" along with Tom Green, as the culmination of the team's late-game rally video. Saturday night, the Tom Green who screamed inside Verizon Center happened to be about 15 pounds heavier, and wearing a red Mike Green jersey. (Video below.)

How did this happen?

Well, Michael Wurman was hired as director of game entertainment and TV production last season, he immediately thought about trying to integrate Green into the team's Unleash the Fury sensation, which has produced posters and t-shirts and personalized jerseys and other bits of Fury. He reached out to Green's team, but never heard back. As the playoffs approached, Wurman sent a message through Green's Web site, and lo and behold, he soon got a phone call from Green's agent, who passed him on to Green's publicist.

It turned out the comic was coming to D.C. in the late spring, and so Wurman crafted a plan to get Green inside the building for a playoff game. Alas, the Caps were eliminated before Green's scheduled visit.

In late July, though, Green had a gig at the D.C. Improv, and so the effort was renewed, and everyone agreed this was the time. Wurman and his crew went to the Improv with the Mike Green jersey and a guitar to mimic the original scene, and within 30 minutes they had what they needed. Their version of the scene starts with a wider shot than the original, so that the Caps logo and red jersey are immediately apparent, but other than that, it's a pretty close match.

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