Mar 3, 2011

Joe Favorito on why the Washington Nationals President mascots are awesome

Good piece here by Joe on the Washington Nationals Presidents Race: Nats Make The Most Out of Their Mascots:
However for all their onfield issues, one thing that the Nats have done well is market and create interest in their mascots, interest which has drummed up American Idol like appeal for the brand and ancillary marketing dollars not seen in the mascot business these days...
They are goofy, fun and maretable in the offseason, and easily packagable to sponsors. Their races are capable of thousands of downloads without license fees on YouTube, and their appearance can easily be tied into a sponsor year-round, giving great added valkue to anything the Nats sales team can drum up. They appeal to young and old, and those selected through the tryouts are probably unique stories enough to generate even ancillary pubilicity for the team.

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ripken664 said...

i agree with you! and i love the Nats :D im a massive baseball fan and im starting my own blog for the Australian Baseball league if your interested you should check in from time to time to see whats happening down under :)