Mar 13, 2011

Steve Perry & 43,000 fans sing Don't Stop Believing at a Giants Game

I know this is old news, but we're going to talk about this in our Sports Management class on Wednesday. Going way back to the 2010 World Series, Game 2, when San Francisco Giants fans sang along with Journey's Steve Perry to Don't Stop Believing.

Here's what music industry blogger Bob Lefsetz had to say about it:
This is why we do it. This is why we write and perform music. This is why a musician’s life is richer than that of any Wall Street banker, any politician, any sports figure. 
They say that money is king, that it changes everything. But you haven’t experienced true power until you hear 40,000 people singing your song, with no bouncing ball, no coaching, but by heart. That’s how much you mean to people... 
This clip is not as good as the one of "Don’t Stop Believin’", the audio is low and the camera person is far from the man himself, and yes, I know now that the Giants made sure Steve Perry was there, but about 1:20 in you hear the assembled multitude sing "Lights" and you’re overwhelmed, they know it, it’s in their DNA...
This is why everybody wants to be a rock star. To feel this power. To bask in the effect of your creation.
I don’t want to hear that this financial wizard is a rock star, or this politician, that’s missing the point. A true rock star can touch and move people in a way that no one else can. That’s the power. 
And Steve Perry and those ancient Journey songs from last century have the power to not only ignite a whole city, but an entire nation.

Was the World Series the peak of the zeitgeist for the song?  It's been all over sports for the past couple of years.  And I think Steve Perry's appearance was inspired by Ashkon's cover.  Detroit teams have been using it for years - I've heard it many times during broadcasts of  Red Wings playoff games. Then there's Annakin Slayd's sampling of the song in his tribute to the Montreal Canadiens.  And how about this guy, who's started a tradition at Dodgers games.

Where else have you seen/heard Don't Stop Believin'?


Lisa said...

Steve Perry was there because he, himself, is a Giants fan and has been for quite a few years...not because Ashkon covered and changed some lyrics to his song. He is a season ticket holder and was already at the game when he was approached by someone on the Giants staff asking permission to play the song and put him up on jumbotron.

Lynne said...

In our local Wal Mart! :)

Lynne Stevens said...

You tell em Lisa!!! :)