May 19, 2011

Exclusive photo of my home office

  1. Table and chairs from IKEA, a Swedish company that specializes in efficient packaging and requires purchasers to assemble the furniture at home.
  2. Three laptops.  Two Dells and a IBM Thinkpad.  At least one human is often sitting at one of these devices, interfacing with the web or accounting software.
  3. Two blue file folders, the contents of which shall remain undisclosed.
  4. Aerius allergy pills.  To relieve sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes.
  5. External hard drive, containing photos, music and video.
  6. Ipod.  Audio playback device constructed by Apple.
  7. Various cables, all USB.
  8. Bic Z+ 0.5 pen. Black ink.
  9. Wireless mouse, Microsoft. This is a pointing device, used in conjunction with the laptop keyboard to navigate screen menus and other screen interfaces.
  10. Cordless phone, General Electric.  Connected to land line.  Like Skype but without the visuals.
  11. Samsung flip phone.  For receiving phone messages to secret business phone number.
  12. Blackberry, recharging.
  13. Stack of CD-R's.  Archaic storage device, can store up to 700MB of data.  Commonly used to store and play back audio for use in devices like mini vans and Hyundai's.
  14. Items in background blurred for security reasons.
  15. Dog is out of frame, please infer his presence about 2 metres to the right of this image.

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