May 23, 2011

Hey look, the old scoreboard from The Igloo in Pittsburgh is up for auction

"The Jumbotron itself is approximately 21ft.7in.H x 24ft.7in.L on each side. The four LED screens/monitors in the Jumbotron are 10ft.L x 7ft.7in.H. The Jumbotron is suspended from the roof and they Buyer is entitled to any of the gears and rigging used for suspension. The Sound Cluster is not included with the Jumbotron. Included with the Jumbotron are thirty-two ancillary scoreboard units and they are mounted throughout the Arena seating areas on the face and back of the North and South balconies. The two LED Boards are also mounted on the North and South balconies."

Up for auction here, along with other signage and scoring components.

Update: See also "Only $3001 For A Boat Anchor"

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