Jan 1, 2007

Catching up: Dancing seniors, tacky sweaters, helmet safety

Flyers Ask Fans to Wear Ho-Ho-Horrible Sweaters: "In the spirit of the holiday season, the Philadelphia Flyers invite fans attending their game on Saturday, December 23 vs. the Ottawa Senators (at Wachovia Center at 1 p.m.) to wear their ugliest holiday sweater. Fans are encouraged to dig deep into their closets and attics to find their most garish, obnoxious, horrible holiday sweater – the worse, the better!" (Source: Philadelphia Flyers)

NJ Nets start a senior dance team: "The Nets are joining the latest craze among NBA teams, the senior dance team. The Miami Heat have the best team out there (and the best dance team). The NBA does a great job spreading hot ideas like this around the league with their best practices initiatives. Look for this to spread like the fat guy teams and drumlines in the NBA." (Source: GameOps.com blog)

Helmet Safety Night in Cincinnati: "The Ohio Dept. of Transportation has provided information on motorcycle safety to all in attendance, along with $50 gift certificates to The Plastic Surgery Group--with a grand prize winner getting a $500 gift certificate. The first 1500 kids will receive Cyclones foam goalie helmets and two lucky ticket holders will receive Pocket Rocket motor bikes." (Source: GameOps.com blog)

EPSN Page 2 catches up with Dave Raymond aka Philly Phanatic: "A good mascot knows how to take a punch. There's really no way around it. Spend any significant amount of time clowning around in a furry suit, and somebody somewhere will take a swing at you. Hard. Because even the luckiest mascots – read: the ones who have managed to avoid jock itch of the face – can't avoid pissing people off..." Article: Are We Having Serious Fun Yet? Also: Great Moments in Mascot History.

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Eric said...

I am already looking forward to the holidays. Love seeing people in tacky sweaters. Gives me fodder for months.