Jan 27, 2007

What's the strangest thing you've seen thrown onto the ice?

Hats, octopi, rats, teddy bears ... what's the strangest thing you've seen thrown onto the ice at a hockey game?

Blogger / Toronto Sun writer Sunaya Sapurji says:
"For me -- and I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff -- it would have to be a baby shark (real, but already dead) and an, ummm... how to say this delicately... a sex toy. Both, oddly enough, thrown onto the ice in Erie, Pa., during the OHL championship series.

The shark was pretty darn big, even for a baby, and I remember former Otter Brandon Cullen picking it up by the gills and swinging it around. Highly disturbing. If I recall correctly, the shark had been part of a display for some show that had taken place in the arena a day earlier.

The second bizarre item thrown on the ice was, I’m assuming, an homage former Otter star Cory Pecker. The funniest thing about that moment was watching the officials fight amongst themselves, since no one wanted to touch said item.
In those days it was not uncommon to see people walking around town wearing their "Pecker Power" T-shirts with pride."

What's the strangest thing you've seen thrown on the ice? Post a comment below.

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