Jan 6, 2007

GameOps.com launches Promotions Database

Earlier this week, Jon Cudo at GameOps.com announced a new addition to his awesome web site:
The Promotion Database is very exciting, it takes Gameops.com from a static list to a dynamic searchable database. It also allows us to (finally) add to our promotions. For over a year we have not updated the promotion lists, since we knew this update was on the way. The new database allows us to quickly add promotions each week….and we will. We have jumped from 300 promotions (as of last month) to 538 (as of today) promotions in a searchable database. We expect that number to grow, since it’s easier than ever to update and add.

I finally spent a bit of time tonight exploring the new tool, and it's great. A lot of the information in the database was already on the GameOps.com site - but the new search tool makes it easier to find.

One of the coolest feature has to be the ability to show a list of 25 random promotion ideas.

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Cudo said...

thanks for the plug Glen...I am really excited about the new feature. Its going to get much better in the next month or so as we add in the links and more promotions. I ended up rushing some of the data transfer, but I will catch-up and make it better as we go.

Adding promos is easy too...so I suspect we will get to 1000 by the end of the year.

Love your blog!